Tap, tap – Anyone still there? Can we have a MOU?

This is the first of a series of posts about the #1MTclimb4peace charity climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro on March 8, 2016 (International Women’s Day) with One Million Thumbprints. Please click the hashtag #1MTclimb4peace to see all of the posts in the series. 

I have one question – WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?


Ok, more like a million questions:

How does one boil down the most intense, full of life and adventure, emotional 2.5 weeks (in 3 countries) into a neat linear package of blog posts? Do I start with our time in Rwanda at the Kigali Genocide Memorial? Lots to say about that… What about the whole crossing the DRC border at night and then 3 hours of flying over dirt roads littered with potholes and ruts to a village up country (with a military escort?!)? What about the faces and stories of the women survivors of sexual and gender based violence? There is much to say about that. How about that first look at Kilimanjaro? Do I start with Day 1 and work through Day 15? (Ha!) Do I start with Summit Day and lots of WEDIDIT WEDIDIT WEDIDIT’s? Or how about that picture of a hot bath full of shower gel bubbles that I got into 3.5 minutes after arriving at our hotel?

Do you see my dilemma? I have been sitting on this for about 10 days now, mulling over my strategy and plan (or lamenting the lack thereof). Lots of friends are asking, “So, how about them photos and stories??!! (hint hint, wink wink)”

So, let’s just settle the fact that I don’t have a plan. It’s going to come out how it comes out. Is that cool? It might not be sequential or logical, really. As long as we both understand that, I can start writing, processing, posting.

Successful blogging strategy vs. how I actually process and write:


So, if we have a clear memorandum of understanding between us… let us begin.



3 thoughts on “Tap, tap – Anyone still there? Can we have a MOU?

  1. Bring it on however you can. I am ready to read whatever you have to say. I thank you for sharing. For me, I know blogging and posting is such a personal, intimate feeling and leap of faith into an unknown realm.


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