Yes, Outlander.

(This is my #couch2kilimanjaro story. Follow along by chapter: Chapter 1)


On January 1, 2015, I picked up this book called Outlander that had been sitting atop a pile of books I had yet to read next to my bed. The only reason I picked it up was because of a “best books of 2014” post I read on The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog and Outlander was one of her favorites. (Actually, I think it was Voyager, but whatever.) I guess it was time to pick it up.

Reminder: I had never heard of Diana Gabaldon or any of her books before.

I posted a photo of the book on Instagram saying “Diving in.”


It didn’t take long to get hooked. Minutes?  Hours? Soon after, a kind soul of a friend messaged me an important question.

Her: “Have you seen the show yet?”

Me: What show?

Her: Oh girl. GIRL. You have to come over. Like tomorrow. We will watch all 8 episodes. You will never be the same.

Me: Ok. We are talking about a show, right?

One fateful day in mid January I drove 1.5 hours south to my friend’s house and we, no joke, watched 8 episodes in one day.

And just like she said, I was never the same. 

By mid January I was on The Fiery Cross, book 5 of the Outlander series. By the end of the month I had finished MOBY, the 8th and last published book of the series (Diana G, Herself, is currently writing book 9).

Have I failed to mention that each of these books is between 800-1500 pages long (mass market paperback size)? When I say I “read” all 8 books in a month… it was more like guzzled. Yes, I guzzled them. I bought the subsequent 7 books after Outlander on Kindle because I would inevitably finish one at around 1:54am and could not bear to go to sleep without starting the next one. Thank god for Kindle.

(What? Oh, you want to know where my kids were while I spent all this precious time reading and not sleeping? They were very busy feeding themselves, watching Netflix and generally entertaining themselves. And they survived. And I don’t hold a lick of guilt… because, seriously… they are all girls and someday I get to be the one to introduce them to Jamie and Claire and they will then worship the ground I walk on. At least that is how it plays out in my head…)

So, what does this long, drawn out monologue about Outlander have to do with Kilimanjaro?


Because without the book, there would have been no show. And without the show, I would have never heard of this actor named Sam Heughan. And without Sam Heughan’s Instagram account, I would most likely still be sitting on my couch…


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